Java Full stack (i004)

Job Position : Java Full Stack

Job Id : i004

Category : Java

Location/City : Florida

Recruiter Name : Lakshmi

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Educational Requirement:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer information systems, information technology, relevant engineering, or related degree, or a combination of education and experience equating to the U.S. equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned subjects.

Keys to this job:

  • Full-stack Java – heavier on back-end
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Spring and Spring Boot is important
  • ReactJS and/or AngularJS is a huge plus
  • Oracle is a must
  • EXCELLENT communication skills

Position Details:

  • They have platform that host internal APIs for the company. Allows MC to build APIs and put them in a gateway. Built on various things like Java, React.JS.
  • Could grow into role. 1 or both could become a FTE.
  • Very collaborative team, very dynamic and fluent processes. Provide platform for them to host APIs on their data platform. Work with many different departments. 2 week deployment process. Streamlined process. Don’t have to wait on others to do that.
  • Spring – Template and injection with spring. Spring boot, Spring MVC, all of that. Starting to use Spring Boot heavily. Have caching mechanisms used – cache used.
  • Testing is important there; they follow TDD and aim for certain % of coverage. Unit tests-they do this heavily and the integration testing. CI/CD with auto build/deployment. Good amount of automation.
  • Potential beyond 6 months can be there, but there could be converted too. Extension or conversion too if they’re contributing.
  • Interview Process: In-person or Skype interview and has to relo to a close commute to Manhattan. Would do a phone interview and then an in-person interview. Skype for 2nd round for out of town people. Resumes pushed over on Friday afternoon.

Position Requirements:

  • Must be commutable to this location – not 2 hours away. Must take pride in what they do and can’t be late. He’ll give preference to local candidates.
  • Experience level – 5-7 years.
  • Need backend skills filled in –that’s the main priority. If they have React.JS that’s icing on the cake. If they have both, they’ll be highly likely to get interview. React.JS is very difficult to find so core Java is main requirement. Java/Spring the most important. That’s where they’re losing the two people. They have big Java backend stack to work on.
  • Must take initiative. Must be a team player. Must be welcoming to others, a very good speaker, and willing to give opinion and won’t be apprehensive to do so.
  • Don’t want a heads down, yes person but don’t need a contrarian either who disagrees just to disagree. Has to know when their opinion matters versus liking sound of his/her own voice.
  • Looking for somebody who’s open to FTE in the future. Not guaranteed at all, but it is possible.
  • Want full stack person. Angular and/or React. Strong server side person with web services background is required, but ideally they’ll have some full-stack knowledge on frontend.
  • Can come in and contribute immediately and help the team and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • RESTful APIs background needed.
  • Spring stack is important too.
  • Deep Java and Spring is a must.
  • Need to be familiar with big organizations and not from small startup or mom/pop organizations. That’s not going to work. Has to be familiar with a place like MC. Huge cross-functional org – deployments happen from other teams.
  • Would love them to be great in both areas, front and back end. The people leaving have all of these skills-a little bit of everything.
  • React.JS – it’s hard to find that, but if they have deep JavaScript skills that’s fine. Aptitude to pick it up. They have to be very willing to pick that up.
  • RESTAssured exposure is a huge plus.
  • Oracle and SQL experience and tuning nice to have.
  • Payment industry experience – don’t have to have that. It’s not that important in this. They don’t do that part of the business and just focus on APIs in this group. It could be a small plus.
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